Smog Test

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Every other time you renew your vehicle registration you must obtain a “smog certificate”―a printout of your vehicle’s emissions test results. You must register your car within 90 days of your emissions inspection.

Smog Test


The government provides financial assistance for repair work (or to retire high polluting vehicles) to consumers who qualify. Depending on the availability of funds and the approval of your application, you could be eligible to collect $500 from the state for emissions-related diagnostic and repair services.

For more information (or to check on the status of an existing application) call (866) 272-9642 or visit the Bureau of Automotive Repair site for details and applications.

On that site you will also find a handy program fact sheet, FAQs, and a reference guide in Spanish.

We Carry All Types & Brands of Tires!

The Full Service Auto Shop // We Do It All!

Quality Car & Truck Repair sells and installs tires for all types of vehicles.  We have tires for:

  • Passenger Cars

  • SUVs and MiniVansAffordable Auto Care, Quality Car & Truck Repair

  • Light and Medium Duty Trucks

  • Emergency Vehicles like ambulances, police cars, etc.

  • RVs

  • Trailers

We carry the following brands of tires:

 MichelinBF GoodrichToyo TiresYokohamaHankookCooperFirestoneGeneral TirePirelliGT RadialBridgestoneUniroyal

Free alignment with purchase of 4 tires

Propane Service

The Full Service Auto Shop // We Do It All!

Refill your tanks with us and save

Do you know if you exchange your propane tank you don’t get credit for anything you had left in the tank?

Get your tank refilled by Affordable Auto Care and pay for only what you need.

Towing Service

The Full Service Auto Shop // We Do It All!

We offer Towing Service

Do you need a Tow?

Call us Today 707-693-0780

It is our business to serve you!

Diagnostic Services

The Full Service Auto Shop // We Do It All!


Why use us?

First, we will save you money by catching problems early.

Much like a dentist, who can spot tooth decay long before you feel pain in your jaw, we can tell if there is something wrong with your car before you feel it, hear it or your check engine light comes on.

Most of us see the dentist twice a year. We get dental x-rays maybe every other year. Regular check-ups are a part of preventative dentistry. It is the same with your car.

Second, when there is something wrong, we will pinpoint the failing component. You will not be faced with a poorly trained mechanic guessing what is wrong – and replacing one part after another hoping to solve the problem.

Code Retrieval

One slip of a vehicle’s many moving components can force a light to come on. Affordable Auto Care offers a free Check Engine Light Code Retrieval Service to provide the answers you need to help you find a solution.

Brake Inspection

Pulling, squeaking and grinding are signs that you need your brake system evaluated. Affordable Auto Care free brake check can help determine whether or not you need a brake component replaced.

Battery Test

Your car battery is the heart of your vehicle. Stay in charge by bringing your car to Affordable Auto Care for a free battery test to make sure that integral car part is healthy and running at full capacity.

Alignment Check

Affordable Auto Care will ensure you are getting the best handling out of your vehicle with a free alignment check. Let us take a look so we can help your vehicle drive as smooth and straight as possible.

Windshield Wiper Installation

Visibility is crucial when driving. Affordable Auto Care will replace your old, cracked windshield wipers, and we’ll pop them in for free to get you back on the road safely in no time.

Auto Detailing

The Full Service Auto Shop // We Do It All!

Our Full Detail Package includes the complete cleaning and conditioning of your interior, as well as a restoration of your exterior to raise your vehicle’s optimum appearance. Our package includes full attention to every detail including: Shampoo Soil Extraction of Carpeting and Upholstered Seats Deep Cleaning of Vinyl or Leather Seats Detailing of Instrument Panel, Doors, Dashboard and Center Console Conditions, Seals & Protects Body Paint for Optimum Shine Clean and Polish Wheels, Tires, Chrome and Trim Removal of Water Spots on Windows 3 Step Buffing Process Designed to Diminish Oxidation, Remove Water Spots and Touch Up Light Scratches.

Auto Detailing Left